4 Big Reasons to consider Vizit Pro over Acrobat for SharePoint Document Reviews

When companies move to SharePoint and begin to plan their document review processes we often get asked why use Vizit Pro versus Adobe Acrobat? There are four big reason Vizit Pro offers a superior solution for SharePoint document review workflows.


The most obvious reason to choose Vizit Pro is its tight integration with SharePoint. There are many touch points between the review and the SharePoint library where the document lives. Vizit Pro makes the interaction between these two functions seamless. Let’s explore a few of them:

[headline size=”small” align=”left” color=”5d9732″]Workflow[/headline]Many reviews occur because we are attempting to manage some form of legal or financial risk, as a result they are often required by governance policies. To ensure reviews occur and that a complete audit trail is maintained to prove compliance with these policies most companies turn to workflow. Vizit Pro has several big advantages when it comes to integrating with any SharePoint workflow (native, Nintex, K2, etc.).

First, the workflow can send out a review task that includes a link that opens the document in the Vizit Pro viewer. Workflow actions can also be surfaced in the viewer in the form of buttons that can be added to the user interface using Vizit Pro’s API. Using buttons to trigger workflow actions and events enables the workflow to keep an audit trail of user actions taken during the document review.

All of the annotations created in Vizit are stored as XML data in the SharePoint document package, making it easy for a developer trigger workflow events from the addition of specific annotations (e.g., approve stamp). Vizit Pro maintains an annotation tree which provides a visual representation of the markup history. With Vizit Pro you can achieve a very tight workflow integration and audit trail.

Acrobat’s workflow occurs outside of SharePoint making a tight integration with SharePoint workflow much more challenging.

[headline size=”small” align=”left” color=”5d9732″]Navigating Document Sets & SharePoint Libraries[/headline]
What happens when more than one document needs to be found and reviewed? Vizit Pro includes a navigator panel that enables the user to move from one document to another within a library or document set. Users can also open all of the documents at the same time and move between them using Vizit tabs. Users can navigate to other documents in the library or through documents set without having to leave Vizit Pro’s interface and return to SharePoint.

Often times a traditional document navigator will not be of much help in getting the user to the next document they seek. This may be because the library has too many documents to do traditional navigation or because the document lies beyond the navigator’s view. Vizit Pro solves the problem of large libraries by letting users search using document properties and Boolean logic. By using document properties users are quickly able to locate documents in very large libraries. Users can also use SharePoint search from the Vizit Pro interface to find documents that lie beyond the open SharePoint library.

Acrobat lets users see the contents of a SharePoint library in a traditional file navigator. There is no column, property, or SharePoint search function. Even when a user opens multiple documents from a single library the user experience is challenging as there is no visual indication of other documents being open.

[headline size=”small” align=”left” color=”5d9732″]SharePoint Check-In/Check-Out & Version Control[/headline]How do you deal with two people accessing and reviewing the document at the same time? The SharePoint solution for this is Check-in/Check-out. When a user has a document Checked-out another user cannot change it. When a user edits a SharePoint document in Vizit Pro the document is automatically Checked-Out of the SharePoint library. When they save the document it is checked back in. In Vizit Pro this all happens naturally, as the product is designed to be an extension of SharePoint.

How do you keep track of all of the changes that occur through the review process? The SharePoint answer to this is version control. When a user annotates or marks-up a document using Vizit Pro and saves the changes a new minor version of the document is created automatically. This creates a complete history of all the changes that have occurred through the review process.

Adobe only offers an integration with SharePoint check-in/check-out and version control with Acrobat XI which requires most companies to purchase an expensive upgrade (see price section).


Security and Compliance are significant concerns for many organizations and often a driving force in SharePoint deployments. The theft rate for laptops and other mobile devices has never been higher making most IT organizations keenly aware of the threat of losing control of confidential or other mission critical information. Government regulations such as SOX, GLBA, HIPPA and other regulations have also mandated corporations follow specific measures and auditing practices in protecting customer, patient and employee information. These are often factors when choosing a server versus client solution.

Vizit Pro’s zero footprint deployment ensures all document information is maintained securely at the server. With Acrobat documents must be downloaded onto the client’s device to be reviewed and annotated creating significant security vulnerability and may also create a compliance gap.


Vizit supports several hundred file formats (see Vizit Supported Formats). Acrobat only supports one format, PDF. This may seem trivial on the surface as PDF is a widely accepted format, but there are two related considerations that should not be ignored. The first consideration is discussed above, using client software to view PDF documents creates security and compliance concerns that are not easily dismissed.

Another significant consideration is SharePoint’s support of PDF, or lack thereof. SharePoint 2013 provides no support for PDF. In fact it makes reviewing PDF documents more difficult than standard Office formats by not supporting PDF in the preview callout. SharePoint 2013 provides no way to go from a SharePoint list or search result directly to a preview or view of a PDF document without first downloading the document and launching a client based PDF viewer. It even inhibits the browser from displaying a view of the document using an extension. To overcome this lack of support organizations often turn to third party add-ons like Vizit.


One last thing to consider when looking at Vizit Pro versus Acrobat Pro is price. Vizit Pro’s list price is half that of Acrobat Pro. Vizit also offers volume discounts that will save you significant money at every price tier.