Customizable SharePoint Viewer

Vizit is the most customizable document viewer on the market for SharePoint. Easily integrate our viewers into your next SharePoint project to offer viewing of hundreds of file formats including PDF and Office documents and allow for annotating in your document workflows.

SharePoint Thumbnail Previews

Easy. Out of the Box.

In most cases, you don’t need to do a thing. Vizit integrates right into your Document Libraries with Ribbon buttons and we replace the Type icon to provide beautiful hover-over previews that, when clicked, show a full, interactive view of the document.

You can take that a step further with our Web Part which allows you to configure the size of the viewer and even embed it right on the page to show a specific document every time you load your site.

VIZIT_SETTINGS Configuration Object

Simple JSON Configuration

Easily configure Vizit Essential or Vizit Pro to have just the components you need. Using our simple JavaScript Object Notation, you can quickly customize which pieces of Vizit you need.

The best part about it is you can deploy different customizations for different sets of users.

Customize Vizit Essential

Customize Vizit Pro

Vizit Essential API

Deep JavaScript APIs

Control every aspect of Vizit Essential with our deep JavaScript APIs. Build your own user interface around our powerful document viewer by attaching to various events and interacting with the document through your own custom buttons.

Vizit Client API


.NET APIs for Annotations, Watermarks, and More

Deploy your own assemblies that implement some of our plugin interfaces to create custom annotations and signatures, manage unique watermarks, limit your documents to view-only based on user permissions, and even add support for additional file formats.



World Class Technical Support

We’re here for you. Vizit’s team of engineers can work with you to take your project to the next level with powerful document viewing and annotating capabilities.