Document Review Workflow

Vizit has an unmatched set of tools that allow for solving many document review projects out-of-the-box. Vizit adds two new content types to assist developers in creating SharePoint document review workflows: Request-Feedback-Task and Provide-Feedback-Task. These two SharePoint content types do exactly what their names imply and make setting up SharePoint document workflows easy. If you need assistance, get in touch.

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Highlight Important Items and Ask Questions

The person requesting feedback can direct questions at specific individuals about specific items within the document. Only the participants in the SharePoint document workflow have access to the workspace. Using the Vizit Essential document viewer and its integrated conversation panel allows participants to engage in interactive conversations about specific items within documents. The visual nature of the workflow enhances the exchange of information and provides context to conversations.

Answer Questions and Indicate Workflow Actions

Recipients receive workflow tasks directly from the workflow engine. Questions asked using the Vizit conversation panel are linked to highlighted areas of the document to provide context. SharePoint document workflow actions are passed into the conversation stream and captured as they are executed by users. This tight integration with workflow enables all activity to be tracked and recorded.

Workflow audit trails link to a complete record of the conversations that occurred within the workflow and the actions taken by the participants. This provides the necessary information to prove compliance to governance policies