Protect Your Content

With Vizit, you can give your users the ability to view important documents and get their work done while protecting your company’s assets. Automatically direct users to Vizit Essential when they access documents and know exactly where your content is at all times — safe and secure in SharePoint with Vizit. Add an extra layer of security by adding watermarks that include key session information. If someone does a screen grab you’ll know key information about who did it and when it occurred if the content surfaces in an inappropriate venue.

Introducing Vizit DRM

Now, you can protect your content like never before with Vizit’s new Digital Rights Management feature. With the click of a button, you can prevent users from downloading files in SharePoint while still providing them with the tools to get their work done. Simply activate the Vizit DRM feature and users in your configured groups will be brought to a read-only view of documents in Vizit — even when they access the document directly via its URL.

Watermark for Extra Security

Vizit DRM can generate dynamic text or image watermarks and apply them to every page that users in certain groups view. Customize the text, date and time display, and other features to prevent unauthorized publishing of your documents due to screen grabs, while leaving the document unobscured so users can still be productive.

Easy. Out of the Box.

Vizit’s Digital Rights Management feature was designed to be easy. Simply activate the feature in your SharePoint environment and tell us which groups to look out for. Your users will be redirected to view the document in Vizit in their web browser – no downloads or extra installation processes required.

Targeted Security

Configure Vizit DRM so that it directs users in specific groups to either Vizit Essential for fast viewing, to Vizit Pro for annotating, or let your management download documents for editing in their client-side apps.

Dig Deeper for Limitless Control

Integrators can take Vizit DRM one step further with a custom plugin. Our simple API gives you access to all the information you need to decide whether a user should be able to download the file, be shown a read-only view of the document in Vizit Essential, or be presented with all of our annotating capabilities in Vizit Pro.