Vizit Essential Released for SharePoint 2013

Whoo-hoo!  We’re happy to announce that our search and collaboration product, Vizit EssentialTM, is now available for Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Vizit Essential makes it easy to discover and share content in SharePoint 2013. The 2013 edition uses the callout area in SharePoint to provide previews of not just the Microsoft Office formats, but also hundreds of other document formats including PDFs and TIFs which are not supported in SharePoint 2013. Vizit Essential continues to be the fastest and most efficient solution for rendering and viewing SharePoint files on-demand.

Vizit Essential also extends SharePoint’s search capabilities by taking users directly to key passages or exhibits within files. Vizit recently conducted a study of over 1,200 companies using SharePoint and found approximately 68% of respondents indicated that when searching they were attempting to find a specific excerpt within a file, not the entire file.

Vizit Essential’s collaboration features enable users to share Clips of key content, or highlight specific content and comment on it in the document. Vizit Essential’s comments are interactive and provide a forum for employees to engage in dialog on key topics. Vizit also offer integrations with Nintex workflow, NewsGator and Yammer for its Clips and comments.

In addition, Vizit Essential continues to offer features missing from SharePoint 2013, such as:

  • Editing meta-data while viewing a file
  • Printing directly from a file preview, or
  • Providing a watermarked read-only view of a document with download and print disabled.

Many organizations are looking at migrating to SharePoint 2013 and must decide whether or not to deploy the Microsoft Web apps, which require a separate server from SharePoint. With the availability of Vizit Essential for SharePoint 2013, organizations moving to the new SharePoint platform will have better options for cost-effectively addressing their SharePoint users’ previewing needs.

You can learn more about Vizit Essential for 2013 at