Annotate and Mark-Up Content

Vizit Pro™ adds an extensive array of annotation and mark-up features for extending SharePoint ECM collaboration. Vizit Pro’s annotation capabilities include ellipse, rectangles, lines, arrows, polygons, free-form drawing, highlighting, redacting, notes, and a wide array of useful business stamps. Dynamic stamps can capture user information along with time and date the stamp was placed. Vizit Pro’s API also now supports custom annotations.

Annotations are kept as an overlay to the file, and Vizit even includes an export function that creates a new PDF file including the annotations. A complete annotation tree is kept as an audit trail of who did what. Optionally, users can burn annotations into image based files. Vizit Pro manages all check-in and check-out functions when editing files.


APIs for Deep Integration

Vizit 6.0 introduces a number of APIs which allow for customizing the Pro user interface, creating annotations that are specific to your business process, and securely connecting to external document sources. For deeper integration into your SharePoint projects, Vizit Pro helps you get there.


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Simple Document Capture

Easily scan to SharePoint directly from within your document library with Vizit Pro’s capture feature. This works with nearly all TWAIN-compatible scanners – providing a quick and easy way to get paper documents into SharePoint.

Scan to SharePoint

Vizit finds available TWAIN-based scanners that are available to your computer. The user simply chooses the scanner they wish to use and scans the document directly into the SharePoint library where the process was initiated. Vizit Pro takes all the guess work out of image capture for SharePoint.

Fix Common Imaging Problems

It not uncommon for image capture issues to be found downstream from production capture environments. Vizit Pro enables SharePoint users to deal with issues of reordering pages, cleaning up images, and even splitting and merging documents with a highly intuitive visual interface.

Update Document Metadata

Vizit automatically retrieves SharePoint columns from your library and makes adding meta-data easy by enabling viewing while the user is indexing the document.