Driving Online and In-Store Alcohol Sales

About the Webinar

The online channel presents a significant sales opportunity for alcohol brands. With the convenience of online alcohol delivery, online alcohol sales have increased by 66%, while omnichannel campaigns and advertising have helped to elevate brand awareness and drive in-store sales.

Watch “Driving Online and In-store Alcohol Sales with Visually Engaging Omnichannel Experiences” and learn:

• How to build visual experiences that drive sales and awareness.
• Key alcohol product image trends that will capture the attention of online shoppers.
• How to collect, analyze and leverage data to optimize product detail page experiences at scale.

About the speakers

Kyle Nelson is the CEO/CCO of Results Imagery and has been involved in media for over 8 years. Prior to Results Imagery, he was focused on other media based start ups and has led hundreds of media campaigns for both small and large brands.
Kyle Nelson
Results Imagery
Eli Orkin is the Vice President of Marketing for Vizit, and has spent nearly 10 years in the retail technology market. Prior to Vizit, Eli oversaw Crimson Hexagon’s consumer intelligence initiatives for Fortune 100 brands, as well as product and marketing strategy for several Harvard and MIT Media Lab Artificial Intelligence Startups.
Eli Orkin
Vice President of Marketing