How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Drive Conversions with Better Imagery

About the Webinar

The right product imagery can have a significant impact on growth in 2023—reducing customer acquisition costs, maximizing conversions, and preventing customer churn.

Join an interactive LinkedIn conversation with award-winning CPG executive Greg Yeadon to get his perspective on the image strategies you need to know to drive ecommerce and marketing results without sacrificing margin.

During the webinar we will discuss...

- How U.S. consumers perceive and interact with imagery while shopping online
- How to take a full funnel approach to image creation for Amazon DSP and retail media advertising campaigns, along with associated PDPs
- How to integrate AI-based visual preference insights and measurement capabilities into your tech stack

About the speakers

Greg Yeadon has over 15 years of brand, shopper marketing, ecommerce and innovation leadership experience. Greg was recognized as the 2021 Path to Purchase Institute Ecommerce Innovator of the Year for his usage of innovative AI tools to drive digital shelf performance.
Gregory Yeadon
Award Winning CPG Executive
Eli Orkin is the Vice President of Marketing for Vizit, and has spent nearly 10 years in the retail technology market. Prior to Vizit, Eli oversaw Crimson Hexagon’s consumer intelligence initiatives for Fortune 100 brands, as well as product and marketing strategy for several Harvard and MIT Media Lab Artificial Intelligence Startups.
Eli Orkin
Vice President of Marketing