Meeting the Visual Preferences of Consumers at Scale

About the Webinar

Today’s digital consumer is bombarded by images. Every day they scroll a Statue of Liberty’s worth of digital content, viewing hundreds of visuals on shopping sites while being served thousands of ads.

This increased image consumption has led to strengthened visual preferences and expectations of consumers. High-quality and compelling imagery is now essential to driving conversions and traffic online.

Listen to Meeting the Visual Preferences of Consumers at Scale and get nfinite’s CEO Alexandre de Vigan and Vizit’s VP of Marketing Eli Orkin’s insights on...

• What has prevented brands from creating impactful visual experiences on the digital shelf.
• Hero and carousel image trends that drive engagement in selected OTC, electronics, beauty, and home goods categories.
• How brands can leverage Visual Intelligence and Computer Generated Imagery tools to attract, build trust, and drive sales with the modern consumer.

About the speakers

Alex de Vigan is the Founder and CEO of nfinite. Alexandre founded nfinite in 2017 to give brands and retailers the power to create impactful visual experiences utilizing computer generated imagery technology.
Alex de Vigan
Founder & CEO
Eli Orkin is the Vice President of Marketing for Vizit, and has spent nearly 10 years in the retail technology market. Prior to Vizit, Eli oversaw Crimson Hexagon’s consumer intelligence initiatives for Fortune 100 brands, as well as product and marketing strategy for several Harvard and MIT Media Lab Artificial Intelligence Startups.
Eli Orkin
Vice President of Marketing