Case Study

AI-Driven Packaging Design Helps Utz Maximize Chip Sales and Decrease Test Time

Learn how Utz used Vizit to outperform competitors and maximize sales and conversions using AI-driven packaging design.

The Challenge

Utz knew they needed to improve the visual effectiveness of the Boulder Canyon chip line, as their sales had been slipping year over year and the packaging hadn’t been altered since the brand's inception. Utz had over 20 different versions of packaging concepts to evaluate, and they wanted to compare them all to prominent competitors on the shelf. With traditional research, this would take months, and incur a significant cost.

The Solution

Utz used Vizit to predict the visual elements were most likely to resonate with their target audience. They also conducted a series of image tests to determine consumer preferences on more than 20 different rebrand designs. The analysis revealed the most visually effective concept for Utz’s target audience, as well as how advantaged it was over key competitors.

The Result

With Vizit, Utz was able to quickly analyze over 20 different packaging designs to determine the most visually effective version of the Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Potato Chips for Utz chip consumers, as well as how the design ranks compared to competitive offerings. Vizit also revealed how the placement and treatment of graphic elements affected packaging visual effectiveness.


55% increase in sales


30% increase in average sales


20% decrease in find time on shelves


99% decrease in testing time

Bill Blubaugh

SVP of Marketing & Communications | UTZ Quality Foods

“I’m a huge believer in package design. I've seen it transform brands—especially smaller brands that don't have big marketing budgets. If you have a strong design that’s working hard at the shelf, you may not even need advertising.”

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