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Vizit Essential™ builds on Vizit’s legacy as the fastest and most efficient file preview and viewing solution available for Microsoft SharePoint. Vizit Essential offers cutting edge search, collaboration, workflow and third party integrations. Vizit Essential greatly improves SharePoint 2013 usability by extending the platform’s preview and viewing capabilities with important formats including Office, PDF, Email, TIF, DWG and many others.


Vizit Pro™ adds an extensive array of annotation and mark-up features for extending SharePoint ECM collaboration. Vizit Pro’s annotation capabilities include ellipse, rectangles, lines, arrows, polygons, free-form drawing, highlighting, redacting, notes, and a wide array of useful business stamps.

Interactive Conversations


With Vizit, you can give your users the ability to view important documents and get their work done while protecting your company’s assets. Automatically direct users to Vizit Essential when they access documents and know exactly where your content is at all times — safe and secure in SharePoint with Vizit.

APIs and Professional Services

Vizit has an unmatched set of tools that allow for solving many document review projects out-of-the-box. For those that require some additional customization, we offer a set of well-documented APIs. From custom annotations to watermarks to connecting to external content sources, our APIs in 6.0 allow new possibilities.

If you need help with implementation or have requirements that go beyond our APIs, we’ll work with you.

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