Chips PDP Spotlight: Ruffles Potato Chips Variety Pack

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Vizit's Content Effectiveness Rankings report closely examines the hero and carousel imagery trends in Amazon's leading chip listings. One standout example of a top-performing product detail page (PDP) in this category is the Ruffles Potato Chips Variety Pack, 40 Count.

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 93.0
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 85.0
  • Overall Score: 97.0
  • Total Images: 6

Hero Image 

The Ruffles variety pack hero image earned a Vizit score of 93.0, firmly placing it in the category's top 10 highest scoring hero images when using a U.S. Chips Snacker Audience Lens. 

The image adheres to some of the best practices for this target audience, including using a clear image on a plain white background, and using a vibrant color scheme. 

Additionally, several top listings—including this one—were of variety or multi-packs. The most visually engaging hero images artfully arranged multiple individual chips bags ​​standing up out of the physical box in which they are sold. These arrangements feature aspects of the product, such as flavors included and the quantity.  

Carousel Images 

Ruffle’s carousel images received mixed scores, ranging from 21.6 to 98.5. Lower scoring images show up towards the front of the carousel, with the highest scoring image appearing at the end. Changing the order of the carousel could immediately improve the overall listing score. 

Ruffles’ highest scoring carousel images feature some of the best practices for this category. 

Both images feature a stylized background and artful arrangement. Each also spotlights the chips bag or bags. Although both images feature different background scenarios and chip brands, they use similar imagery trends to visually entice consumers. 

Ruffles’ lowest scoring carousel images do not follow the trends that its higher-scoring counterparts do. For example, instead of using a stylized background, the first image uses a plain white background. Additionally, the opportunity maps demonstrate that showing the back of the chips bag with the nutrition labellowers visual engagement. Modifying the image by changing the background and not displaying the back of the bag could significantly increase the Vizit score, while maintaining the main message of the carousel. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Ruffles’ scores well with both its hero and carousel images. The brand is well served by following visual best practices such as using artful arrangements, a vibrant color scheme, and stylized backgrounds and arrangements in the carousel.  

However, Ruffles’ could boost its PDP by improving some of its carousel imagery. Image maps indicate that simple background and product placement adjustments to its two lowest scoring images could significantly raise its Vizit scores. 

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