The only AI that sees the world like we do

Your audience - in an algorithm

Vizit’s revolutionary Audience Lens™ technology uses deep learning AI and millions of online behavioral data points on images to give you the power to “see through the eyes” of any audience segment and instantly know which visuals will capture their attention.

An AI-Driven Approach to Visual Perception

Real-World Audience Engagement

Vizit gathers data on millions of examples of visual content your audience interacts with and is influenced by online.

Machine Learning & Visual AI

Vizit analyzes this visual content at a massive scale - breaking every image down into 15,000+ visual components to discover patterns in engaging visual elements.

Audience Lenses

Using this learning, Vizit generates proprietary Deep Learning AI Models that are trained to simulate a consumer audience's interest and preferences for imagery.

Visual Content Intelligence

Vizit provides visual performance measurement, predictive eye tracking, consumer visual insights, and competitive content benchmarking.

Customer Success Story

The future of consumer understanding

“A revolutionary way for computers to have visual intelligence. Vizit uses AI to simulate how any given group of people anywhere in the world will react to visual content, effectively giving you the ability to see ‘through their eyes.’ Analysis is in real time and has saved millions of dollars and months of precious time on customer research.”

Luke Mansfield

Chief Strategy Officer, Harley-Davidson and former VP of Innovation at PepsiCo and Samsung Electronics.

Enterprise-Grade AI you can actually use

Vizit helps you understand how consumers view your content, how you compare to competitors, and what will capture your audience’s attention and make you stand out.

Thousands of audiences, unlimited possibilities

Patented Audience Lens™ technology gives you the power to see “through the eyes” of your consumers in real-time and explore what appeals most to the people you’re looking to attract and convert - anywhere in the world.

• 40+ countries
• Hundreds of behaviors
• Thousands of demographics

The next generation of computer vision-based AI

Vizit’s proprietary AI software scans 15,000+ visual cues in every image to predict how likely it will resonate with a specific consumer audience. All of this analysis happens in real-time – without needing to survey a single person.

Rank your visual content today

Schedule a 30-minute personalized walkthrough of Vizit to learn how your images compare to competitors and discover how to incorporate Vizit's image measurement, testing, optimization, and monitoring capabilities into your content practices.