Apparel Head to Head: Columbia Versus Camelsports Women's Jackets

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With so many choices for apparel shoppers today, brands need every edge they can get to stand out on the digital shelf. 

As part of our Apparel Content Effectiveness Rankings Report, we analyzed Amazon’s Top 100 search results for Women’s Winter Coats. We decided to take a deeper look at how certain brands—in this case, Columbia and Camelsports—stack up against each other when it comes to PDP images across two listings. 

Hero Images

For the hero images, Columbia achieved a Vizit score of 89, surpassing Camelsports, which earned a score of 77. Columbia's advantage lies in adhering to the category's best practice of featuring a model wearing the coat, typically in a cropped shot that focuses on the jacket itself and doesn’t feature the model’s full face.

Carousel Images 

Columbia’s carousel images have an average score of 66.0, showing the coat from various angles on two different models. Its side portrait shots scored highest, while shots of the back and the opened coat scored lowest.

Camelsports’ carousel garnered a notable score of 98.0. The carousel stood out for its incorporation of numerous stylized infographics, effectively showcasing various jacket features. This approach aligns with the prevailing trend observed in the highest-scoring images within the category benchmark. However, it's worth noting that the lowest-scoring carousel deviated from this practice by opting to display only the back of the jacket on a plain white background.

The Winner

In our head-to-head showdown, Camelsports takes the prize over Columbia, securing a listing score of 91 compared to Columbia's 86. Despite having a superior hero image, Camelsports’ carousel propels it to success. While Columbia boasts more carousel assets than Camelsports, Camelsports’ carousel outperforms Columbia’s because it follows the category best practice of using stylized infographics to highlight product features. 

To boost its scores, Columbia could consider incorporating similar infographics into its carousel, aligning with established benchmark practices.

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