Accelerate ecommerce growth with Content Effectiveness Monitoring

Measure, track, and optimize the effectiveness of your visual content across the digital shelf to drive higher traffic, boost conversion rates, and grow sales.

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Drive digital shelf sales and market share with visuals that attract and convert

Identify visuals and listings to optimize

Audit your content with predictive intelligence to prioritize the listings and individual images that require optimization to maximize your traffic and conversion opportunities.

Compare against the category

Reveal where your listings rank in your category based on image effectiveness, and benchmark against the products and brands that you compete with for consumer attention.

Test and improve imagery in seconds

Leverage the power of AI to instantly analyze, measure, and optimize imagery to ensure the most impactful content is flighted. Gain rich audience and attention insights faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Establish effectiveness standards

Drive intelligence-informed retail media and content excellence with image effectiveness standards, and make your content syndication and digital shelf monitoring platforms more powerful.

Analyze and measure PDP imagery

Automatically gather, organize, and analyze thousands of product images across key products and categories on Amazon to discover how effective your PDP images are for target audiences and pinpoint the visuals and listings that require optimization.

Benchmark and monitor content effectiveness

See how your product imagery stacks up to competitors and identify the listings that have the most opportunity for improvement. Continuously track product pages to detect competitive movement and shifts in consumer preference with automated monthly updates.

Create winning PDPs with AI-powered visuals

Receive instant recommendations on optimal image scores, number of images, and image sequence for your PDPs. Create listing content that converts with AI-powered image recommendations that provide attention and optimization insights from your target audience’s point of view.

Outshine the competition with AI-optimized imagery.

Content Effectiveness Monitoring gives your brand a winning edge across images, PDPs, and retail media content.

Increase conversion up to 45% or more
Grow online sales up to 30% or more
Drive increases in traffic of up to 25% or more
Live Webinar

Inside an AI-Fueled Digital Shelf Image Strategy

Join Vizit and Path to Purchase to learn how Perrigo is achieving product detail page image personalization at scale by using AI to identify, create, and syndicate images that appeal to specific consumer audiences. Tune in to hear more about:

  • The performance benefits of flighting images relevant to specific consumer audiences.
  • How Perrigo integrates AI into its digital shelf content creation, syndication and monitoring workflows.
  • Ways to leverage AI-based image analytics data with retail partners.

Rank your visual content today

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