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The Ecommerce Practitioner’s Guide to Image Analytics


The Ecommerce Practitioner’s Guide to Image Analytics

About the Ebook

It’s estimated that on average consumers spend at least five hours a day viewing videos and images on social media platforms. Additionally algorithms and machine learning have made consumers more accustomed to personalized experiences in their digital life. This combination creates a bias around the types of visuals consumers want to interact with while they are making their weekly shopping trips, researching big-ticket purchases, or looking for the perfect gift.

Learn how to justify budget and prioritization for image production, optimization, and measurement technology by reading Vizit and Path to Purchase Institute’s survey recap on the impact and importance of imagery for U.S. online shoppers.

Dive into the ebook to learn…

  • The differences in image impact across Amazon and omnichannel retail websites
  • Key visual content preferences for U.S. online shoppers
  • How brands and retailers can make retail media banner advertisements more impactful
  • How brands and retailers can integrate AI-based visual analytics into their standard content creation and monitoring workflows

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