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Always-on product and category listing level image measurement and optimization insights enable online sellers to rapidly accelerate traffic, sales, and ecommerce conversion rates.

Boston, Mass.
– (April 18, 2023) – Vizit, the leader in AI image analytics software for global brands and retailers, today announced the launch of its AI-powered Content Effectiveness Monitoring product to measure, track, and optimize the effectiveness of digital product imagery across the digital shelf to help teams drive higher traffic, boost conversion rates, and grow sales. 

Vizit Content Effectiveness Monitoring is the first always-on AI product of its kind built to uncover optimization opportunities and drive performance increases for ecommerce, marketing, merchandising, and creative teams.

“The brand experience in today’s world is still mostly a visual one. Imagery is immensely powerful to drive engagement, and with Vizit, we now have a  simple way to measure the visual effectiveness of our content,” said Barbara Jenny Wilson, Director of Content Platforms at Coty. “We are incredibly excited to bring this capability into Coty at scale for all our new brand launches and know it will be having a positive impact on the bottom line.”

The groundbreaking solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically assess and score the conversion power of visual content. Working across hundreds of millions of online product pages and over a billion images, Vizit monitors product listing content performance against category benchmarks, generates instant recommendations on how to improve and optimize product detail page (PDP) content, and provides automated monthly updates to track competitive movement and shifts in consumer preferences. 

“Visual content is one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions online, yet until today there has been no way for brands to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their product imagery at the scale and speed of ecommerce,” said Jehan Hamedi, Founder and CEO of Vizit. “As a result, retailers and brands are collectively leaving billions of dollars in lost sales on the table and are wasting millions on digital advertising to drive consumers to product pages that have ineffective images. Vizit Content Effectiveness Monitoring fixes this blind spot by giving teams AI-generated Vizit Scores—real-time data and insights on the effectiveness of their image-based content—which has now become one of the most predictive and mission-critical elements of online success. As an industry, it's time we moved past counting the number of images on our product pages and focused more on making sure the images on our product pages actually count—quality and effectiveness are what matter most.”

Content Effectiveness Monitoring is also paired with Vizit’s real-time AI image testing and comparison solution to evaluate new designs and concepts, and transform underperforming content into powerful assets that engage consumers and outshine competitive offerings on the digital shelf.

“Competitors never stand still on the digital shelf. Instead, they are continuously changing and improving their product content to attract more attention and improve conversion,” said Mike Black, Chief Marketing Officer at Profitero, a Publicis Groupe company. “Before Vizit’s new AI tools, it was virtually impossible for a brand to quickly and continually assess how consumers judged their product content versus competitors and, more importantly, understand what specific aspects of the imagery and storytelling most influenced engagement. This technology is game changing for brands as they look to make smarter and more efficient decisions about where to focus their content optimization bets.”

Vizit Content Effectiveness Monitoring is now available for Amazon U.S. and includes automated product-level content analysis and tracking, image-level measurement insights, and category benchmarking capabilities.

Brands or retailers interested in Content Effectiveness Monitoring can learn more and request a personalized demo at

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One of the fastest-growing new AI startups in the United States, Vizit helps the world’s largest brands and retailers win the race for consumer attention by enabling teams anywhere in the world to measure, manage, and optimize their image effectiveness at every step of the consumer journey. For more information, visit us at

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