Apparel SKU Rescue: Reebok Women’s Coat

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As part of our Apparel Content Effectiveness Rankings Report, we analyzed image trends and best practices of women’s coat listings on Amazon. Many of the listings had middling results but lots of potential—so we took matters into our own hands. 

We decided to provide creative updates to carousel imagery on the Reebok Women Winter Jacket PDP. Take a look at how we revamped Reebok’s carousel to increase Vizit Scores™ for the women ages 25-34 audience. 

Initial Analysis

Our initial image analysis showed that Reebok's carousel could use some improvements to optimize appeal with the women ages 25-34 audience. Its carousel contains five scorable visuals, with only one earning a high Vizit Score. 

The carousel benchmark of women's winter coats reveals various trends within the category. Stylized infographics featuring closeups of the jackets accompanied by text and symbols to highlight jacket features resonated well with the women 25-34 demographic. Notably, there was a strong emphasis on visualizing the jacket's technology, particularly its warmth. Another category trend was visuals combining several images into a collage, with minimal text at the bottom or sides of the image. 

Equipped with these benchmark insights, our design team made adjustments to the three lowest-scoring images, aiming to enhance the overall score of the carousel.

Carousel Image 1

For the first carousel, we replaced the original image with the hero image plus insets. This incorporated zoomed-in shots of the jacket, resulting in a new, stylized display that follows the trend of featuring closely cropped shots of the jacket and its features. Our initial iteration organized the insets and banners vertically, while our final version adopted a more diagonal arrangement. These adjustments were instrumental in elevating the score from 9.7 to an impressive 85.1.

Carousel Image 2

Like the first visual, we replaced the original second carousel image with a closeup shot from the hero image plus callouts. To highlight the jacket's sherpa hood lining, we used generative AI to visualize the black sherpa material. 

Our initial iteration featured a small version of the original image in the bottom right corner. However, we decided to remove it in our final iteration based on insights from Vizit's opportunity map, which indicated that this design element lacked appeal for the audience. 

In the last version, we also adjusted the positioning of the jacket, moving it lower in the image.

Carousel Image 3

In the third carousel image, we aligned with category trends by opting for a more zoomed-in shot of the original image, thereby enhancing the emphasis on the side pocket with a button closure. This straightforward refinement not only better highlighted the pocket, but also led to a substantial increase in the Vizit Score, jumping from 18.9 to an impressive 93.2.

Before and After 

How did we do on this SKU Rescue? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the average carousel Vizit Score from 33.6 to 78.9, an increase of 45.3 points. 

Vizit’s Visual Content Performance Platform puts more power in the hands of creatives. Learn more about how we can help teams get effective designs out the door faster by requesting a demo today. 

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