Digital Ad Rescue: Yeti’s Sandstone Collection

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Yeti recently introduced its new sandstone pink collection of insulated tumblers. But how effectively does its digital ad imagery support this new product launch in reaching ad conversion goals with the target audience? 

After running one of Yeti’s digital ads through Vizit Content Studio, we discovered the ad imagery was not effectively capturing the attention of the target audience, scoring a low 35.1 Vizit score with the Eco-Conscious Women Audience Lens. So, we decided to provide some creative updates. Take a look to see how 20 minutes of edits increased the Vizit score from 35.1 to 84.4. 

Initial Analysis

The benchmark for insulated water bottles indicates that text in the center or on top performed well with the Eco-Conscious Women Audience Lens. Additionally, comparing the original image to the top-performing benchmark images, we saw that zoomed-out outdoor background images performed better than closeups. 

In Vizit's image analysis, we noticed that the left side of the image stands out positively, but the right side affects the overall score negatively. When we looked at benchmarks for insulated water bottles, it became clear that placing text in the center or at the top resonated well with the Eco-Conscious Women audience. 

First Iteration

Using the image maps and benchmark best practices, we made small changes for our first iteration. With the help of generative AI, we chose a wider view for the background image. We also moved the title to the center, in between the tumbler collection. Finally, we made the logo and CTA larger. 

These changes increased the score to 59.2. 

Second Iteration

Next, we decided to shift the CTA button above the logo, resulting in an immediate increase in the score from 59.2 to 63. This idea was inspired by our observation of several high-performing images in the benchmark tool that featured the same logo and CTA design.

Third Iteration

Based on the benchmark data, we found that positioning text either in the center or at the top yielded favorable results with the Eco-Conscious Women audience. After experimenting with center-aligned text, we opted to test placing the copy at the top of the image to assess its effectiveness. We also adjusted the background image's placement to ensure a more polished backdrop for the collection title. Our experiment proved favorable, raising the Vizit score from 63.0 to 79.0.

Fourth Iteration

Our final iteration scored an impressive 84.4. Analyzing opportunity and engagement maps, we identified the pain point: the ascending tumbler order. In response, we restructured the tumblers into a refined U-shaped arrangement, with taller ones at the sides and shorter ones in the center. We also increased the cup size for added appeal.

Before and After 

How did our Digital Ad Rescue turn out? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the Vizit score from 35.1 to 84.4, an increase of 49.3 points. Meaning, in just 20 minutes of image edits, we improved visual engagement by 49.3% with our target audience.

Vizit’s Visual Content Performance platform puts more power in the hands of creatives. Learn more about how we can help teams get effective designs out the door faster by requesting a demo today. 

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