First Impressions: Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles Chips in Cool Ranch and Funyuns Flavors

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One of the newest entries to the chips market are the Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed Chips in Cool Ranch and Funyuns Flavors. 

But how well positioned is this new product launch to achieve its sales goals on Amazon? We analyzed the hero and carousel images for two of the brand’s Amazon listings against a benchmark of competitive images for the top 100 listings for the search term chips.  

Hero Images

The hero images for the Cool Ranch and Funyuns flavored chips share similar designs, but their performance diverges, with the Cool Ranch hero image securing a perfect 100.0 Vizit score, while the Funyuns hero image achieved an 81.5. What sets them apart?

Both images adhere to best practices for hero images in this category. They feature clean, plain white backgrounds, vibrant packaging, and prominently displayed brand logos—aligning with benchmark expectations.

Subtle stylistic variations in the hero images account for the score difference. Notably, the Cool Ranch chips bag is wider than the Funyuns bag, resulting in a more expansive and visible product shot. Additionally, the blue color palette of the Cool Ranch bag resonates better against the white backdrop with the US Chips Snacker audience compared to the lime green palette of the Funyuns bag.

The Image Carousel 

Lay's listings earned commendable carousel scores, with the Funyuns flavor achieving an 88.5 and the Cool Ranch flavor receiving a score of 66.5. Both listings feature similar carousel image styles, with the first and third carousel images nearly identical.

The disparity in scores between the two listings arises from the second carousel image.  Despite using a uniform template, attention and opportunity maps reveal that the Funyuns' distinctive circular shape outperforms the triangular shape of the Doritos on the left side.

Final Thoughts 

So what’s the verdict on Lay's new All Dressed Kettle Cooked Ruffles? With a few small tweaks, the carousels for both listings could be improved—removing or modifying the lowest scoring carousel image could put it on par with the highest scoring images in this category.  

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