Apparel Head to Head: Lee Versus Wrangler 

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There have been some iconic advertisements for denim over the decades. But with so many choices for women’s clothing shoppers today, brands need every edge they can get to stand out on the digital shelf. 

As part of our Apparel Visual Brand Performance Report, we analyzed Amazon’s Top 100 search results for women’s jeans. We decided to take a deeper look at how certain brands—in this case, Lee and Wrangler—stack up against each other when it comes to PDP images across top results. 

Hero Images

For the hero images, we compared Lee’s ten results in the top 100 to Wrangler’s four. Lee earned an average Vizit score of 56.5. There was quite a wide range of scores among these visuals, with the highest scoring images featuring models in wide stances and mostly closed-toe shoes. The lowest scoring images, meanwhile, had the product deliberately off center. 

Wrangler’s hero images had an average Vizit score of 35.1. Why the low score? It seems the Women’s Clothing Audience Lens did not like that the models were pictures in stride, preferring posed images instead. 

Carousel Images 

The top carousel images across both Lee and Wrangler were traditional branded advertisements, which garnered consistent high scores with the audience. 

Both brands also landed some carousel images among the highest scoring in the entire category. For example, Wrangler earned praise for including size charts in their carousel, while Lee scored very high with images that showed off the details of the jeans.

Wrangler’s average carousel image score was dragged down by a few images. The audience was not fond of visuals shot from the side, or where the models were angled in a way that obscured a portion of the jeans.

Lee loses ground by having a relatively low number of images per listing—only an average of 3.7. Wrangler had the edge in the number of photos per listing, with an average of 6.2 images per listing. 

Overall, the competition among carousel images was much closer than the hero category. Lee won by only a few percentage points, with an average carousel score of 56.2 to Wrangler’s 44.7. 

The Winner

In our head-to-head showdown, Lee takes the prize over Wrangler. However, Wrangler could easily boost some of its scores by swapping images with models in mid-stride for visuals that take advantage of a power pose. 

Want to see how Lee and Wrangler stack up against even more brands in the apparel space? Access Vizit’s Men's Apparel Visual Brand Performance Report for a complete roundup of impactful trends, image insights, brand leaderboards, and stay tuned for the full Women's Apparel Visual Brand Performance Report.

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