3 Image Trends to Watch for Easter

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No Easter basket would be complete without a copious amount of pastel-colored candy. 

The NRF predicted that Americans would spend over $24 billion on Easter this year. What’s more, candy and food make up two of the top three spending categories—so we can expect to see major brands competing for dollars in the ecommerce space. 

Taking inspiration from the holiday, Vizit predicted some of the image trends that will make an impact on the digital shelf during the Easter holiday. We based these insights on what we learned from Halloween and Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy visuals, as well as similar best practices we’ve seen in recent analyses. 

Here are three visual trends that we think will be important this Easter.  

Quantity and Value 

Consumers want to make sure they’re getting plenty of value out of their purchases, and candy is no exception. Even with holiday spending trending higher than in past years, inflation is still top of mind for shoppers. Getting plenty of bang for their buck is a priority.  

Hero and carousel images that show large quantities of candy, regardless of type or color, tend to appeal to audiences. Vizit’s attention maps show that focus is drawn to the different varieties included in these packs.  

Themed Imagery

Specific holiday-themed packaging typically works for chocolate and candy consumers. We saw a lot of this during the Halloween season and Valentine’s Day shopping period, and it’s making an appearance for Easter as well. Many of the top search results for candy use Easter bunny or egg imagery, pastel color palettes, or baby chick-inspired visuals. 

Show the Full Easter Basket 

Ecommerce images that show a complete gift basket display tend to score well among chocolate and candy consumers. We saw a similar trend uring Valentine’s Day, when full chocolate gift boxes earned high Vizit scores. The spring versions of these hero images typically include some festive pieces, such chocolate bunnies and foil-covered eggs. 

Easter may not be as big as the winter holidays or summer’s Amazon Prime Day, but it’s a good check-in point to see how brands are performing and what’s working on the digital shelf. We anticipate that many of the top visual trends that took hold in the past several months will continue to strike a chord with shoppers. 

Want to see what visuals drive traffic and conversions? Access our Brand Attention Index to see the top brands and trends across categories.

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