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About Vizit’s Brand Attention Index

Learn more about Vizit methodology and terminology

About the images analyzed in the Brand Attention Index

Vizit analyzed thousands of images from top-searched and top-selling product pages across the digital shelf to generate the brand rankings, image insights, and visual trends seen in the Brand Attention Index.

Audience Lenses

Vizit Audience Lenses use AI to simulate a consumer audience’s visual preferences based on online image viewing and interaction data.

For this analysis Vizit created a category shopper Audience Lens to analyze imagery from multiple retailers.

The Vizit Score

The Vizit Score is a 0-100 predictive measure of visual engagement. Vizit Scores are predictions powered by Vizit’s patented artificial intelligence.

The higher the Vizit Score, the higher the likelihood an image will visually engage a target audience.

Attention Maps
Vizit Attention Maps display Attention-grabbing aspects of an image at first glance.
Vizit Focal Points
Vizit Focal points display the probability that a consumer views specific regions of an image.
Vizit Gaze View
Vizit Gaze View predicts the sequence in which a person will view the contents of an image.
Vizit Engagement Maps
Vizit Engagement Maps highlight regions of an image that are more likely to visually engage a target audience.
Vizit Opportunity Maps
Vizit Opportunity Maps highlight regions of an image that are less likely to visually engage a target audience.
Vizit Visual Brands Rankings
Visual Brand Performance rankings show the leading brands at each retailer based on their average product hero and carousel Vizit Scores.
Visual Brand Performance Landscape
Visual Brand Performance landscapes visualize the visual brand leaders and laggards at each retailer. The bigger the circle the more images a brand has in the report dataset.

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