Inside Audience Lenses: Price Conscious Versus Electronics Online Shoppers

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Vizit’s patented audience lenses offer brands the power to instantly see through their customer's eyes, exploring what imagery best resonates with them. 

Curious about how Vizit’s audience lenses work? Let’s examine one of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories—smartwatches—across two audience lenses: price-conscious and electronics online shoppers to see what visual preferences arise for each.

Price-Conscious Consumers Versus Electronics Online Shoppers Audience Lenses 

Price-conscious electronics consumers seek the best price for their purchases. This lens offers brands valuable insights into the visual preferences and behaviors of budget shoppers. 

The electronic online shoppers' audience lens represents digitally-savvy shoppers who are ready to make a significant electronics purchase. These customers focus more on aesthetics and superior product quality than price. 

By leveraging this data, brands can tailor their product and brand imagery to effectively cater to this specific segment, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Let’s look at the differences between these two audience lenses across the hero and carousel images for smartwatches. 

Hero Images: Price-Conscious Shoppers Versus Electronics Online Shoppers

Electronics online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer images of smartwatches angled to the left. If applicable, they also like to see the watch face lit up with apps and options. Price-conscious consumers are also engaged by smartwatches angled to the left. 

Additionally, electronics online shoppers strongly lean towards black watches, while price conscious consumers are more open to color variability, including muted colors like champagne pink or lilac purple.  

Carousel Images: Price-Conscious Shoppers Versus Electronics Online Shoppers

Top-rated carousel visuals for price-conscious consumers were infographics that combined written features of smartwatches with images of the watch in action. Many of these infographics included images showing people using smartwatches in real life. It’s possible these buyers need to be convinced that this purchase will have a positive impact on their lives, and they like seeing images of people sleeping well and exercising to start that process. 

Electronics online shoppers prefer carousel images with large, dramatic images and less text. Many of these highly rated images emphasize the aesthetics of the smartwatches. Others use iconography to display the various features of the watch, including its compatibility with various sports workouts.

The Power of Audience Lenses

Audience lenses provide brands with a powerful tool to understand and cater to the preferences of different consumer segments. By leveraging this data, brands can tailor their product and brand imagery to effectively engage these specific segments, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. From hero images showcasing the angles and features that resonate with each audience to carousel images highlighting the desired aesthetics and functionality, understanding these audience lenses empowers brands to optimize their visual content and create a more compelling online shopping experience.

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