Instacart PDP Spotlight: Coors Light Beer

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Vizit’s recent Alcohol Content Analysis Report included a section dissecting the image trends of light beer. A prime example of a high-scoring product detail page (PDP) in this category is the Coors American Light Lager Beer on Instacart. 

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 98.9
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 90.0
  • Overall Score: 94.0
  • Total Images: 6

Hero Image 

The Coor Light hero image earned a Vizit Score of 98.9, firmly placing it in the top 3 highest scoring hero images in the category when using a U.S. Online Alcohol Shoppers lens. 

The image adheres to some of the best practices for this target audience. First, it positions an enlarged beer can in the left foreground with the packaging in the right background. Additionally, it features prominent text noting the number of individual cans included in the package as well as their sizes. Finally, it incorporates a blue and white color scheme in its packaging.

By adhering to these trends, Coors Light’s hero image earned a nearly perfect Vizit score. 

Carousel Images 

Coors Light's carousel images stood out with an impressive score of 90.0, clinching the fifth overall spot among top-scoring carousels. The first four images earned notably high Vizit scores, making a strong impression on online alcohol shoppers. These visuals followed established trends in the category by showcasing stylized representations of beer and incorporating minimal text to promote the beer's taste and nutrition facts.

To enhance its carousel score, Coors Light has an opportunity for improvement in its final image, which received a low score of 4.1. An examination of Vizit's opportunity and engagement maps reveals that, aside from the Coors Light can, the remaining elements in the image lack visual appeal for the target audience. 

A closer look at image maps alongside Coors Light's other carousel images suggests that the predominant distinguishing factor is the color scheme. In contrast to the established blue and white color palette of the other images, this particular photo deviates toward bolder colors and positions the text at the bottom of the frame. Opting for a new stylized image that incorporates the brand's lighter color palette has the potential to significantly enhance both the image score and the overall carousel score.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Coors Light scores well with both its hero and carousel images. The brand strategically employs a blue and white color scheme, integrates concise and bold text to showcase product information, and uses styled images of beer. However, an area for potential improvement lies in optimizing the final carousel image to enhance Coors Light's Instacart PDP even further.

Want to see more of what’s influencing online purchasing decisions? Access our full Light Beer Content Analysis Report to see which brands and visual trends make the biggest impact on the digital shelf.

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