SKU Rescue: Kirkland Baby Wipes

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Curious about how the Vizit platform can supercharge a listing's hero and carousel imagery? 

Let’s explore how the Vizit platform can help you improve a listing’s imagery to fuel conversions and sales. Using this Kirkland’s Signature Baby Wipes listing, we’ll show you how you can use the Vizit platform to guide optimizations on listing designs. 

Hero Image

Kirkland’s hero image received a very low Vizit score of 13.8. Using Vizit’s image maps and benchmark trends, we improved the hero image to earn a very high Vizit score of 80.1 through a few simple tweaks. 

First, image maps guided us to replace the existing image with a higher-quality alternative captured from a superior angle. Then, the opportunity map showed precise cropping and angle adjustments that significantly enhanced the Vizit score. 

To further optimize the hero image, we incorporated a baby wipes container outside the box, drawing inspiration from successful trends observed in the benchmark of top baby wipes listings on Amazon

Carousel Images

The carousel imagery for Kirkland’s baby wipes listing consists of other angles of the baby wipes box depicted in the hero image. As an experiment, we used generative AI to create a new carousel image and tested different versions to see which delivered the best results. 

Our tests revealed that carousel images featuring a baby model alongside a prominent top banner highlighting a key product feature, such as fragrance-free wipes, outperformed other alternatives among the U.S. general population. The Vizit score surged from a low 16.2 to an impressive 92.4 by replacing the existing carousel image with the optimized composition. 

Before and After 

How did we do on this SKU Rescue? After rerunning the image analysis, we found the adjustments we made to the hero image raised the score from 13.8 to 80.1. That’s a 66.3 point improvement with only minor changes to the original image. 

Our changes to the carousel image we generated raised the Vizit score from 16.2 to 92.4, a nearly perfect score. 

In total, we spent about two hours on these photo edits and raised the overall score to 86.3 These changes propelled the listing's visual ranking from a modest 85th place all the way to an enviable 1st place out of the top 100 Amazon Baby Wipes listings. 

Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance platform puts more power in the hands of creatives. Learn more about how we can help teams get effective designs out the door faster by requesting a demo today. 

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