The AI Content Minute Series: Decoding "The Visual Conversion Boost”

Vizit Team
6 min read

We're thrilled to announce the launch of "The AI Content Minute"—a dynamic mini-series in collaboration with The CPG View. In the first three episodes, Jehan Hamedi, Vizit's CEO, takes the stage to explore the transformative concept of "The Visual Conversion Boost" and its profound impact on ecommerce.

Episode 1: The Visual Conversion Boost

Jehan delves into the heart of content dynamics, shedding light on the power of visual AI in deciphering customer reactions to images and designs. Content transforms into a rich dataset, offering insights into quality, appeal, and audience effectiveness.

Discover how Vizit's technology, drawing from billions of online behaviors and visual cues, crafts patented Audience Lenses™. These curated lenses provide a unique perspective, allowing us to view content through the eyes of different demographics, making preferences measurable and predictable.

Episode 2: Why Brands Should Care About Images in 2024

In the second episode, Jehan explores the evolving role of imagery in the digital landscape. Discover the significance of optimizing visual content on the digital shelf and how AI creates new growth levers for businesses.

Episode 3: Vizit as a Market Leader in Visual AI

In the third installment, gain insights into how Vizit positioned itself as a market leader. Jehan shares experiences with iconic brands and emphasizes customer-centricity, innovation, and building the powerhouse that is the Vizit team.

Stay tuned as "The AI Content Minute" series continues with more episodes featuring other key members of the Vizit team, providing unique perspectives and insights. 

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