What Is Predictive Image Analytics?

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Until now, brands lacked the predictive insights needed to determine which images will deliver measurable outcomes.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of data analytics platforms available to teams today. But there are only a handful of image analysis data solutions, and until now none that could predict the effectiveness of visual content for targeted consumer audiences.

With Vizit, many of the world’s top brands are seeing the power that predictive image analytics brings to marketing, creative, ecommerce, and insights teams.

What Is Predictive Image Analytics?

Predictive image analytics is the entirely new category of technology—an ensemble of predictive AI and computer vision-based algorithms that measure, score, and provide data-driven insights on image and video content. It gives brands the ability to measure and predict the effectiveness of visual content for targeted consumer audiences in order to present and market their products more effectively.

On a much larger scale, predictive image analytics enables design thinking, making it possible for marketing organizations and ecommerce teams to explore more creative options earlier in the design phase. Decision-making processes are accelerated, empowering brands to be more agile by getting to better ideas faster and more efficiently, and results are boosted through more effective presentation and marketing of products to online audiences.

Ushering in a New Category of Business Intelligence

Not only is predictive image analytics a new category of business intelligence insights, but it is an entirely new way of thinking about your brand’s visual elements.

Want to know which angle is best when showcasing your product on an Amazon product listing page? Does your target audience prefer a lifestyle image over a product photo? How about the color schemes and visual elements that will make a consumer take a second look when browsing the digital shelf? These are the questions predictive image analytics can answer in real time, giving brands the power to understand how their imagery will connect with their target audience to drive more conversions and generate more sales.

The Primary Components of Predictive Image Analytics

The key components of predictive image analytics can be broken down into three specific attributes, or what we call “The three P’s of predictive image analytics”—patterns, predictions, and performance.

Here’s how they work:

Patterns: By tapping into the visual minds of millions of online consumers, patterns can be identified in consumer preferences for specific visual elements.

Predictions: Based on the patterns identified via online consumer interactions with visual content, brands are able to predict the most effective visual assets within their arsenal, enabling them to discover, understand, and measure the most powerful images in existence.

Performance: This is the biggest advantage of all when it comes to the benefits of predictive image analytics. By having access to data-driven insights that predict the effectiveness of visual content, brands can easily identify which images will most likely motivate their audiences to take action—making sure the brand wins across every digital channel.

How Predictive Image Analytics Work

At its core, predictive image analytics is the ability to analyze large data sets of visual information using proprietary AI algorithms that reveal new visual insights and determine consumer image preferences. We call these AI-powered models Audience Lenses, as they accurately simulate the visual preferences of real-world consumer groups and offer a virtual perspective on imagery “through the eyes” of different audiences.

Along with this new perspective, Vizit Audience Lenses provide quantitative Vizit Scores that compute an image’s effectiveness for a given audience—the higher the score, the more likely the image is to motivate consumers to take notice and engage with the image. Through Audience Lenses, brands can now predict Visual Effectiveness based on AI-powered insights, a huge advantage compared to more legacy testing methods like focus groups, or even making subjective gut instinct choices when it comes to critical visual decisions.

Learn more about Vizit’s Audience Lens Technology

To capture and display these insights, Vizit uses its Visual Brand Performance Platform, a software application that performs AI-powered image analysis using Audience Lenses to measure the effectiveness of an image. Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform provides visual analytics, optimization, monitoring, and search capabilities.

The Role of AI in Predictive Image Analytics

Predictive image analytics was born out of the Vizit team’s research, which leveraged AI to understand how and why humans interact with visual content. That research resulted in Vizit’s proprietary Audience Lenses, the technology that enables its AI-algorithm to predict how varying consumer segments will react to images.

Vizit was able to develop its Visual Brand Performance Platform because of the award-winning AI experts and software engineers that make up the company’s product team. They have been at the forefront of next-generation artificial intelligence applications, deep learning systems, and computer vision models in a variety of fields, and knew firsthand the incredible results AI applications could deliver. It was their forward-thinking, innovative approach that led them to design AI applications that could effectively analyze images.

Enterprise organizations have a wide array of options when it comes to insights that show past behavior and engagement with images, as Vizit’s team of AI experts and software engineers wanted to give brands the unique ability to predict how target audiences would react to imagery. It was because of their dedication and unwavering commitment to Vizit’s mission to give brands the power to “see through the eyes” of their consumers that predictive image analytics was born.

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