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Image Best Practices Across Ecommerce Retailers


Image Best Practices Across Ecommerce Retailers

About the Ebook

Leveraging images that create personalized one-to-many visual experiences for consumers is central to purchasing decisions. Whether shoppers are browsing Amazon, Target, or Walmart, there are certain visual trends and design elements that are more likely to capture their attention and spur them to buy.

Understanding which images work best on each retailer website is critical to beating the competition. Dive into Vizit's analysis of category imagery to understand the similarities and differences among consumer preferences for Amazon, Target, and Walmart shoppers, as well as general best practices for appealing to the general population.

Read the ebook to learn:

  • Why visual content matters in omnichannel retail and how retailers can measure its impact
  • Key imagery preferences for U.S. online shoppers across CPG, grocery, and baby product categories
  • Specific differences in visual preferences across Amazon, Target, and Walmart

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