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Product Packaging and Design for the Omnichannel Consumer


Product Packaging and Design for the Omnichannel Consumer

About the Ebook

In today’s visual-centric digital world, a product’s packaging design is far more than simply what consumers see on the shelf. Packaging is the face of a product that consumers experience across their entire path to purchase both online and off.

Capturing the eye of the modern consumer requires brands to have a deep understanding of the visual preferences of specific audiences. An even greater challenge is bringing that insight into their design process while constantly monitoring the changes in visual preferences to ensure their packages stand out online and off.

Learn how to bring the view of the customer into every stage of your packaging design process by downloading Product Packaging and Design for the Omnichannel Consumer.

Read the full eBook to learn:

  • The amount of visual content that consumers interact with on a daily basis.
  • How brands can create more appealing packaging faster and at less cost by integrating Visual Intelligence into their packaging design process.
  • Case study examples of how major consumer brands utilized Visual Intelligence to design packaging for the physical and digital shelf.

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