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Image Best Practices to Win 2024 Shopping Holidays

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Image Best Practices to Win 2024 Shopping Holidays

Image Best Practices to Win 2024 Shopping Holidays

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About the Webinar

Brands and retailers face an uphill climb when trying to attract and convert shoppers: Increased competition online and in stores, economic concerns, and shifting consumer preferences make it difficult to stand out on the digital shelf. Seasonal promotions and major shopping holidays help move the needle—but they work best when brands are pulling every lever at their disposal to maximize appeal. Customizing visual content to those specific holidays becomes a key advantage.

View the on-demand webinar and see:

  • Why seasonal content is important, and the role it plays in attracting shoppers
  • General visual best practices for some of the most popular holidays
  • How AI helps identify and optimize select imagery for seasonal upgrades
  • Examples of brands using excellent seasonal content to boost sales