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Inside an AI-Fueled Digital Shelf Image Strategy

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Inside an AI-Fueled Digital Shelf Image Strategy

Inside an AI-Fueled Digital Shelf Image Strategy

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About the Webinar

Algorithms have made today’s shopper accustomed to personalized experiences when they scroll their social media feed, stream content, or log in to online marketplaces. One critical component of the path to purchase that hasn’t been personalized fully are the images that consumers see when they are browsing product listings—but that’s changing as brands strive to optimize every step of the online shopping journey.  

During Inside An AI Fueled Digital Shelf Image Strategy, Perrigo’s Director of Content Marketing and Digital Planning, Stacy Tomczyk, and Vizit’s Head of Services, Adam Colasanto, discuss:

  • The performance benefits of flighting images relevant to specific consumer audiences
  • How Stacy and her team integrate AI into their digital shelf content creation, syndication, and monitoring workflows
  • Ways to leverage AI-based image analytics data with retail partners