Alcohol SKU Rescue: Don Julio Tequila

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As part of our Alcohol Content Effectiveness Rankings Report, we analyzed image trends and best practices of tequila listings on Instacart. Many of the listings had middling results but lots of potential, and we wanted to see what visual optimizations we could make to improve them.   

We decided to provide creative updates to the hero image and the two lowest-scoring carousel images on the Don Julio Añejo Tequila Instacart PDP. Take a look at how we revamped these visuals to increase Vizit Scores™ for U.S. Online Alcohol Shoppers. 

Hero Image

The Don Julio Añejo hero image scored a high Vizit score of 69.0. However, there’s always room for improvement. Using benchmark trends from Vizit’s Content Effectiveness Monitoring, we provided some creative updates that improved the Vizit Score to a nearly perfect 97.0. 

Upon analysis of hero benchmark trends for the tequila category on Instacart, we observed that the top-performing images deviated from the original image’s vertical banner and used a horizontal banner instead. To adapt, we employed Photoshop to integrate a sleek horizontal brown banner, showcasing the tequila type and volume. 

We then experimented with positioning the bottle and text on both left and right sides of the image. Ultimately, positioning the bottle on the right while placing the text on the left resonated most effectively with the U.S. Online Alcohol Shopper audience, resulting in an outstanding Vizit Score of 97.0.

Carousel Image 1

Don Julio's original carousel image followed a popular category trend of emphasizing the tequila's origins. However, it didn't quite hit the mark with our target audience. So, we turned to genAI tool Midjourney to craft a brand new visual featuring rows of blue agave plants. We then tried various iterations, playing with banner placement, product inclusion, and numerous generated images of the planted blue agave. After some exploration, we discovered the winning combination, resulting in a remarkable increase in the Vizit Score from 35.8 to an impressive 95.2. 

Carousel Image 2

By incorporating the Don Añejo tequila bottle alongside the tequila glass in the second carousel image, we observed a remarkable surge in the score from 35.8 to 80.3. We made this call after a thorough analysis of the original image's opportunity map,  which highlighted an area that lacked appeal for our target audience. Upon reviewing similar images within the category, we noticed a recurring trend among top performers: They prominently featured the tequila bottle. So, we decided to pop the product right into the negative appeal zone of the image.

Before and After 

How did we do on this SKU Rescue? By making changes to just three of the seven images, we raised the average individual Vizit Score from 56.8 to 75.7, an increase of 18.9 points. 

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