OTC PDP Spotlight: Allegra Children’s Allergy Medicine

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Vizit's latest Content Analysis Report thoroughly analyzes hero and carousel imagery trends in Amazon's leading allergy medicine listings. One standout example of a top-performing product detail page (PDP) in this category is the Allegra Children's 12HR Orange Cream Tablets, 24 Count, Non-Drowsy Antihistamine for Kids.

Let’s take a look at why this Allegra listing stands out. 

By the Numbers 

  • Product Hero Score: 98.0
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 98.0
  • Overall Score: 99.0
  • Total Images: 8

Hero Image 

The Allegra allergy medicine hero image earned a Vizit score of 98.0, placing it as the category's second highest-scoring hero image when using an Online OTC Buyers Audience Lens.

The image follows several best practices for this target audience, such as featuring products in box packaging, using cool-toned color palettes, and employing closely cropped shots of the product package. 

Carousel Images

Allegra’s carousel garnered an impressive overall Vizit score of 98.0, effectively highlighting key information about the medicine. (Note that two visuals within the carousel went unscored by the Vizit platform as they didn't meet the algorithm's criteria for evaluation.)

The remaining carousel images garnered high Vizit scores. These visuals resonated well with Online OTC buyers, adhering to category best practices such as featuring models being active outdoors and positioning copy near the top of the image. Vizit’s gaze sequence maps indicated a strong likelihood of audiences noticing and engaging with descriptive text in this placement.

Final Thoughts 

Allegra performs well with both its hero and carousel images. The brand effectively capitalizes on visual best practices, including featuring the product in boxed packaging, incorporating a cool-toned palette, and showing models active outdoors in the carousel. 

Want to see more of what’s influencing online purchasing decisions? Access our full Allergy Medicine Deep Dive Report to see which brands and visual trends make the biggest impact on the digital shelf.

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