School Supplies Head to Head: Sooez Versus Nicecho

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With so many choices for school supplies today, brands need every edge they can get to stand out on the digital shelf. 

As part of our latest Visual Content Performance Report, we analyzed Amazon’s Top 100 search results for school supplies. We decided to take a deeper look at how two listings—in this case, Sooez and Nicecho’s pocket folder listings —stack up against each other when it comes to PDP images. 

Hero Images

For the hero images, Sooez earned a Vizit score of 67, while Nicecho earned a 56. Sooez outperforms Nicecho because of its soft color palette and an intelligently crafted visual hierarchy, achieved through a purposeful left-to-right diagonal arrangement. This strategic layout creates a natural flow that draws the viewer's attention, giving Sooez the edge in this showdown.

Nicecho’s listing, on the other hand, uses a bolder color scheme and a peculiar image structure. Opportunity and engagement maps demonstrate how Nicecho can enhance its score by making adjustments to the presentation of its pocket folder. Through strategic adjustments to negative space and modifications to the design layout, Nicecho can improve the effectiveness of its hero image. 

Carousel Images 

Nicecho’s carousel images have an average score of 48.5. Its highest scoring image follows best practices for the category, displaying the pocket folder in use in a group setting. However, its lowest scoring images accentuate the retail front cover, which presents challenges due to excessive hard-to-read text. Eliminating the focus on this cover could significantly enhance the overall visual appeal of the listing.

Sooez’s average carousel score is 61.8. The top carousel images featured a minimalist and clean design, with minimal design highlighting features of the pocket folder. Moderate scoring images lost ground with a busier design, including several images within one frame. The lowest scoring image has five smaller scenes within one image.

Both brands have a similar number of carousel images, with Sooez having six images and Nicecho having five images. 

The Winner

In our head-to-head showdown, Sooez takes the prize over Nicecho. However, Nicecho can enhance its scores by refining its carousel design strategy and toning down the focus on its traditional retail cover. 

The contest was closer in the hero image category, with Sooez snatching victory by a narrow margin, boasting a hero score of 67 against Nicecho's 56.

Want to see how Sooez and Nicecho stack up against even more brands in the school supplies space? Access Vizit’s School Supplies Visual Content Performance Report for a complete roundup of impactful trends, image insights, brand leaderboards, and more.

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