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Vizit’s recent board games deep dive analyzed the visual trends across the gaming category. A prime example of a high-scoring product detail page (PDP) in this category is the RA board game from 25th Century Games, which took the top spot in our listing leaderboard. 

Let’s take a look at why this listing performed so well. 

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 79.0
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 82.7
  • Overall Score: 80.9
  • Total Images: 13

Hero Image

RA’s hero image earned a very respectable high Vizit score of 79.0. With no other text or images, the simple box allows viewers a clear understanding of the product. RA’s hero image also follows category best practices by showing the box close up, at a slight angle, with very little white space around the border.

Carousel Images 

The RA board game separates itself from the pack with its carousel images. Six images earned very high Vizit scores of 93.2 and above. Such high carousel scores are due to the images including the pieces of the game displayed both in a staged format and as if it were being played. RA also took advantage of another high-scoring trend and included visuals that showed artistic close ups of the game board and pieces set up to play.

Even the lower ranking carousel images performed well compared to the rest of the category. Factors like displaying the box with the game pieces and showing the instructions likely caused the scores to be lower, but those accessories weren’t prominent enough to torpedo the listing.  

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the RA board game crushed the competition thanks to its outstanding carousel imagery. By including images that don't just show the outside of the box but also the contents set up as if during a family game night, RA board games are able to entice customers into purchasing a new board game.

Want to see more of what’s influencing online purchasing decisions? Access our full Brand Attention Index to see which brands and visual trends make the biggest impact on the digital shelf across dozens of categories. 

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