SKU Rescue: Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker

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As part of our Consumer Electronics Visual Content Performance Reports, we analyzed the image trends and best practices of fitness tracker listings on Amazon. Many of the listings had middling results but lots of potential—so we took matters into our own hands. 

We decided to provide creative updates to a carousel image on the Fitbit Inspire 3 listing using Vizit’s predictive analytics and image insights, with an assist from third-party generative AI. Take a look at how we revamped the carousel image to increase its Vizit score for the U.S. Gen Pop audience.

Fitbit's original carousel image scored a low 20.0. Vizit’s image maps showed the model to be a strong point, while the watch placements on the right were dragging the score down. Using these image maps and benchmark best practices, we made simple changes to lift the score to 75.8.

 First Modification

Using generative AI, we refined the model's presentation to include their entire forehead, recognizing it as the carousel image's standout element. This minor change propelled the image score from 20.0 to 36.6.

Second Modification

Our next step involved altering the background, using generative AI tools like Midjourney and Firefly. Drawing inspiration from successful benchmarks, we opted for a lush, grassy backdrop. We also zoomed in on the watch images to highlight the screen options, emulating effective benchmark practices. These modifications pushed the score from 36.6 to 47.2.

Third Modification

The final transformation raised the score to 75.8. Analyzing opportunity and engagement maps, we identified the top panel's pivotal role in engagement, as well as room for improvement in the second and third panels. Armed with these insights, we restructured the panels, abandoning alternating watch positions and swapping the second and third panels to break up the images.

In addition to the previous insights, the opportunity map revealed potential in the carousel's top banner. Following this thread, we replaced the gray background with a bright white one, amplified the text size, and incorporated the trusted Fitbit logo.

Before and After

How did we do on this SKU Rescue? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the Vizit score of the carousel image from 20.0 to 75.8, an increase of 55.8 points. In total, we spent about 15 minutes on these photo edits and raised the overall listing score from 47.5 to 54.2, through modifications to a single carousel image within a listing of six.

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