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How Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform Helps Ecommerce, Research, and Innovation Teams

Two of the most important questions brands need to ask themselves today are: “How do our customers ‘see’ us? How strong is the power of our visual brand?”

What feelings and images come to mind when consumers interact with your brand? Are those feelings consistent across every experience—from ecommerce product detail pages and social media accounts to your national advertising campaigns and even the visual design of the product itself? How motivating are each of those experiences?

To win in the digital visual world, companies need to get the most out of their visual brand and harness the power of their imagery to drive better performance with consumers.

This Is Where Vizit Comes In

Vizit has developed the first and only Visual Brand Performance Platform. Our patented predictive visual analytics technology measures, understands, and optimizes your brand’s visual assets and every visual experience consumers have with your brand to drive more sales and engagement.

Your visual brand represents the design and image-based elements of a brand, product, or marketing campaign. Your visual experiences are the interactions and touchpoints that happen between your visual brand and a consumer. When we talk about Visual Brand Performance, we’re talking about the ability to measure, understand, and optimize the business outcomes of your visual branding efforts.

Your visual branding impacts the effectiveness of your visual content assets. Vizit’s visual intelligence technology improves the performance of your visual brand by giving you a powerful software platform that shows you which images will succeed with the audiences you seek.

Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform is already being deployed by some of the biggest brands in the world including Unilver, L’Oréal, MARs, Tyson, and Megafood. It is quickly becoming a core driver of success for ecommerce, marketing, and product development teams, increasing sales revenue by more than 20% for multiple customers.

Hear more from Vizit Customers

In ecommerce, for example, Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform empowers marketers to drive more traffic and conversions by measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of their images on each product detail page.

For product designers and innovators, Vizit presents a powerful, real-time view into the design elements that are most effective with your core consumer and target audience(s). This visual intelligence data can be used early in the concept development process to get to your best ideas faster and bring winning products to market every time.

For consumer insights professionals, Vizit gives you an unrivaled competitive edge, demonstrating how effective your images are compared to your competitor’s visual assets. Competitive visual brand performance provides a new window into the growth opportunities for your brand, revealing opportunities to employ better targeted visual branding that wins more customers.

We believe the role of visual branding will continue to grow in importance and shape the future of every company’s sales and marketing engine for years to come.

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