The AI Content Minute Series: Visual AI Unleashed with Vizit

Vizit Team
5 min read

Make sure you're up to date on "The AI Content Minute" episodes 1-3 and episodes 4-6 before diving into the third installment.

In the third leg of our series with The CPG View, "The AI Content Minute," we continue to unravel the transformative impact of generative and intuitive AI on visual content for ecommerce. Join Jehan Hamedi, Vizit's Founder & CEO, as he shares valuable insights in the next set of episodes.

Episode 7: "Visual AI Success Stories"

Jehan recounts success stories where visual AI significantly boosted conversion rates for Vizit customers. Learn how Moen, a leading producer of plumbing fixtures, elevated its digital presence by identifying and prioritizing content based on target audience personas. Also, discover how Mars Petcare leveraged Vizit’s technology to systematically improve content across portfolios and markets, creating a new standard for content excellence.

Episode 8: "Intuitive AI Analytics and Generative AI"

Jehan explores the synergy between intuitive AI analytics and generative AI, revealing how generative AI has transformed the content creation landscape. Uncover how Vizit's visual trends feature acts as a strategic tool to prompt generative AI, ensuring content aligns with audience preferences, and understand the crucial role intuitive AI plays in selecting the most impactful content from generative outputs.

Episode 9: "Beyond New Imagery: The AI Advantage"

In this episode, Jehan challenges the common misconception that AI for images is solely about creating new content. Gain insights into how AI adds value to existing assets, helping brands intelligently activate a goldmine of content. Explore the opportunities to optimize and personalize assets already in your possession, maximizing efficiency and impact.

Join the ongoing conversation on LinkedIn, share your questions, and stay tuned for more enlightening episodes as "The AI Content Minute" series continues!

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