Kids’ Costumes PDP Spotlight: Morph Dragon Costume

Vizit Team
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Vizit's Content Effectiveness Rankings thoroughly analyzes hero and carousel imagery trends in Amazon's leading kids’ costume listings. One standout example of a top-performing product detail page (PDP) in this category is the Morph Dragon Costume Kids (3 Colors) Dragon Costumes For Boys.

An example of the Morph Dragon Amazon listing.

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 95.0
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 96.0
  • Overall Score: 98.0
  • Total Images: 6

Hero Image 

The Morph Dragon hero image with Vizit score.

Morph's kids’ costume hero image achieved an impressive Vizit score of 95.0, securing its position among the top five highest-scoring hero images in the category when assessed through the Audience Lens™ of Parents With Children 12 & Under.

This image effectively incorporates several key best practices for this target demographic,  including prominently displaying the full-length costume, featuring a child model, and employing a clean, plain white background. Moreover, the hero image effectively presents all the costume's accompanying accessories, a key aspect that resonates powerfully with Parents With Children 12 & Under. Visual analysis provided by Vizit's image maps confirms that these practices effectively captivate and engage consumers.

Vizit image maps for the Morph hero image.

Carousel Images 

Morph Dragon carousel images with Vizit scores.

Morph's carousel images received impressive scores, effectively showcasing the costume's accessories and features. Notably, these visuals consistently featured the same child model in each image, adopting a front-facing pose—a common trend observed in the top-performing imagery within the benchmark.

Furthermore, Morph's decision to include close-up shots highlighting the costume's intricate details was another successful trend among the Parents With Children 12 & Under audience.

Final Thoughts 

Both Morph’s hero and carousel images earned excellent scores. The brand effectively capitalizes on visual best practices, including featuring the full costume, using a child model, and highlighting costume features through close-up images in its carousel.  

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