Visual Content Insights: Halloween Edition

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Halloween is fast approaching, and Americans are getting into the spirit with record-breaking spending projected at $12.2 billion, up from last year's $10.6 billion. The National Retail Federation's survey reveals that 73% of consumers plan to participate, with per person spending averaging $108.24. 

To make the most of this spooky season, optimal visual content is key. To ease the process, Vizit compiled the most popular trends among two of the top product categories for the Halloween season: costumes and candy. 

Kids' Costumes

When it comes to kids' costumes, imagery featuring the full-length costume on a child model prevailed. For hero images, simplicity is vital, with a plain white background consistently outperforming other approaches in the product hero benchmark. 

In carousel images, the focus shifts to close-up shots, with imagery highlighting the costume's accessories and design resonating powerfully with Parents With Children 12 & Under. 

Halloween Candy

Images that artfully incorporated Halloween-themed designs into both the individual products and their packaging consistently emerged as top performers in the Halloween candy category benchmark. The top hero images showcased similar arrangements, with leading examples positioning the packaging on the left side of the frame and individual candy portions in the foreground on the right.

Notably, displaying large piles of candy, often within bowls, proved highly effective in carousel images. In addition, most top carousel images using human models opt not to show faces, instead focusing on hands and arms holding the product. This approach resonated well with the Online Candy Buyers audience.

The spooky season brings with it record-breaking enthusiasm and spending, and the season's magic extends to the world of visual content. From kids' costumes to Halloween candy, these insights help create PDP imagery that will engage and convert Halloween enthusiasts of all ages.

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