Mother’s Day Image Insights

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When it comes to shopping for baby products, mothers are highly engaged in researching and purchasing items both online and in store. With mothers being the primary decision-makers when it comes to household shopping, retailers and brands should aim to provide helpful information and engaging visuals to gain their interest and increase sales.

One study found that mothers with children under the age of 18 spend an average of $13,000 per year on products related to raising their children, and mothers also spend. With so much money on the line, it’s critical for brands to make sure they’re engaging parents with their product imagery. 

Breaking Down Baby Brand Visuals 

In honor of Mother’s Day, Vizit analyzed several baby product categories to find the image trends that lead to increased traffic and conversion on Amazon. Here are some of the best practices that stuck out: 

  • Among the disposable diaper category, one of the key trends is the use of bright, fun colors in carousel images. Including the brand name in the center of the image also saw high image scores.
  • Another trend is showcasing quantity. When it comes to baby wipes, images that featured multiple packages of wipes positioned in front of boxes scored highly.
  • Safety is a top priority when purchasing baby products, so it is important for brands to highlight safety features in their product images. Stroller brands that showed specific safety measures in their carousel visuals scored extremely well, as did car seat images that showed the details of the harness and buckles. 
  • Showcasing the product being used by parents with a happy baby was also effective. Specifically, the baby monitor and highchair categories saw higher Vizit scores when the carousel images showed the product being used with parents in the frame. 
  • Amazon’s baby monitor category saw a similar trend when the items were shown being used to watch a sleeping baby. Such advertising entices potentially tired parents as it exhibits reliability and dependability—not to mention the allure of rest.
  • Vizit found that the top scoring images for formula focused on the health benefits of the product. Many images included key messaging such as “complete nutrition” or “supports brain development.” 

Vizit’s analysis of best-selling baby product listings on Amazon highlights the importance of showcasing a product’s benefits and features in a way that resonates with mothers. From emphasizing safety features to showing happy and healthy babies, creating compelling imagery can make all the difference in reaching this valuable market.

You can see the top brands and images on Vizit’s Brand Attention Index, which offers a look at dozens of different product categories across retailers. 

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