Pantry SKU Rescue: Kettle Brand Potato Chips

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As part of our Pantry Content Effectiveness Rankings Report, we analyzed image trends and best practices of chip listings on Amazon. Based off the results, we decided to provide creative updates to a carousel image on the Kettle Brand Potato Chips Variety Pack using Vizit’s predictive analytics and image insights, with an assist from third-party generative AI. 

Initial Analysis

The chip carousel benchmark highlights that stylized images showcasing the product both inside and outside of its packaging resonated most effectively with the U.S. Chips Snacker audience. Furthermore, incorporating models in the background emerged as a noteworthy trend within the benchmark analysis.

In Vizit's image analysis of this Kettle Brand listing’s carousel image, we observed that the right side of the image appeals positively to the targeted audience lens. However, the left side negatively affects the overall score, which is concerning given that this side features the product. The gaze map highlights that the product is positioned last in the sequence, adding another layer of opportunity.

First Iteration

Leveraging generative AI, we crafted a fresh carousel image, using insights from our initial analysis as a blueprint. Our focus remained on prominently showcasing Kettle chips, both within and outside their packaging, while maintaining the logo placement, the outdoor motif and models in the background. As an extra touch, we introduced a jar of barbecue sauce next to the chip bag. 

While attention maps revealed that the barbecue element did not significantly capture viewer attention, these modifications still drastically increased the Vizit Score from 4.9 to 69.5.

Second Iteration

In our second iteration, we replaced the barbecue sauce with a small glass bowl of salt. While this adjustment resonated more effectively with the U.S. Chips Snacker audience, attention maps revealed a slight diversion of focus between the salt and the chips.

Third Iteration

Drawing upon insights gleaned from our earlier iteration, our final rendition strategically omitted the salt and other props, placing a heightened emphasis on showcasing the chips outside the packaging. This adjustment resulted in our final Vizit Score of 77.8.

Before and After 

How did our SKU Rescue turn out? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the Vizit Score from 4.9 to 77.8. That’s a 72.9 point improvement with only 30 minutes of edits. 

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