School Supplies PDP Spotlight: Spacemate Pencil Case

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Vizit's latest Brand Attention Index thoroughly analyzes hero and carousel imagery trends in Amazon's leading school supply listings. One standout example of a top-performing product detail page (PDP) in this category is the Spacemate Heavy Duty Canvas Pencil Case Pouch.

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 91.0
  • Raw Average Carousel Score: 70.8
  • Overall Score: 80.9
  • Total Images: 7

Hero Image 

The Spacemate canvas pouch hero image earned a Vizit score of 91.0, firmly placing it in the category's top 10 highest scoring hero images when using a U.S. Gen Pop audience lens. 

The image adheres to some of the best practices for this target audience, including showing a clear product picture on a white background and using a soft color scheme.

Another notable trend this hero image observes is shooting the product in a stylized manner, avoiding showcasing the product in its traditional brick-and-mortar packaging. Hero images presenting the product packaged as it would appear on physical shelves, like closely cropped pictures of the front of the actual product package captured from a straight-on perspective, received poor Vizit scores.

Carousel Images 

Spacemate’s carousel images received impressive scores, highlighting various features of the pencil pouch using clear images and minimal text on banners. The imagery specifically showcases the pouch's capacity, with the top-scoring visual displaying its measurements and emphasizing its ability to hold a large calculator.

The lowest scoring carousel image earned a moderate Vizit score of 53.5. Audience insight maps illustrate how simple modifications can optimize the image for the U.S. Gen Pop audience. Engagement and opportunity maps indicate that moving the text bubble from the top right of the image to the top left will garner higher engagement with the chosen audience lens. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Spacemate scores well with both its hero and carousel images. The brand is well served by following visual best practices such as shooting on a white background, using a soft color scheme, and using carousel imagery to highlight product features.  

However, Spacemate could boost its PDP by improving some of its carousel imagery. Image maps indicate that simple image and text placement adjustments to its two lowest scoring images could significantly raise its Vizit scores. 

Want to see more of what’s influencing online purchasing decisions? Access our full School Supplies Visual Performance Report to see which brands and visual trends make the biggest impact on the digital shelf.

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