Vitamin Insights: How Aspirational Images Lead to Conversions in VMS

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Visual Performance
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Trying to sell vitamins or supplements? Aim high. 

That was one of the critical lessons learned from Vizit’s Vitamin Visual Brand Performance Report. Our analysis of the top visual trends among men’s and women’s vitamin brands revealed that aspirational images strike a chord with vitamin and supplement online shoppers. 

Women’s Vitamins

Top scoring carousel images among women’s vitamin brands included many depictions of active, healthy women of all ages. Promotional copy in these carousel images is simple and benefits-focused. 

Brands like Mary Ruth’s used this style of imagery well. Their visuals depict groups of women together, sometimes participating in activities like yoga, with concise statements outlining how the product supports a healthier, active lifestyle. 

Men’s Vitamins

Like the women’s category, many of the highest scoring men’s vitamin carousel images featured men of all ages engaging in a variety of activities. Some of these visuals emphasized active lifestyles—complete with portrayals of men happily enjoying cardio workouts, surfing, and hiking. Other high-scoring images showed aspirational pictures of a different kind, with men enjoying time with their families and dogs. 

In addition to the aspirational iconography, these carousel images also featured copy touting the benefits of the product. The focus was largely on building toward optimal health, boosting immunity, and supporting aging individuals. 

Two brands standing out here are Bronson and SmartyPants vitamins. Both followed a similar layout, with white text on a blue background speaking to product qualities in the lower third of the image and an aspirational photo on top.

To discover more visual trends found in men’s, women’s, and children’s vitamins, access the complete report. 

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