School Supplies SKU Rescue: Hawlander’s Little Kids Backpack

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As part of our School Supplies Visual Performance Report, we analyzed the image trends and best practices of school supplies listings, including backpacks, on Amazon. Many of the listings had middling results but lots of potential—so we took matters into our own hands. 

We decided to provide creative updates to the hero image on the HawLander Little Kids Backpack using Vizit’s predictive analytics and image insights, with an assist from third-party generative AI. It turns out, it’s all about the angles.

Hawlander’s original hero image performed poorly with the Parents with Children 12 & Under Audience Lens, earning a Vizit score of 7.5. Vizit’s image maps showed the logo and top of the backpack to be strong points, while the bottom and the lower sides are dragging the score down. Using these image maps and benchmark best practices, we made simple changes to lift the score to 61.5.

Center vs. Left vs. Right Angle

With Vizit's benchmark tool, we took a closer look at the best-performing images in the benchmark to spot any emerging patterns. Backpacks shot at a quarter angle performed well. So, using generative AI and photoshop, we put these trends to the test, and discovered that shifting the backpack’s angle a quarter to the left raised the Vizit score to 48.0, outperforming iterations of the product at a right and center position. 

Design Iterations: Adding the 2023 Pin

Boosting our score from 7.5 to 48.0 was a great achievement, but we were determined to aim higher. With the help of Vizit Content Studio, we experimented with various design ideas to see which one resonated best with the parents of children aged 12 and under. 

Among these design trials, one stood out, raising our Vizit score to an impressive 61.5. Guided by insights from Vizit's image maps and benchmarking tool, we decided to add a 2023 pin to the backpack. 

Before and After

How did we do on this SKU Rescue? In total, we spent about 20 minutes on these photo edits and raised the hero image score from 7.5 to 61.5—an increase of 54 points. 

Vizit’s Visual Content Performance platform puts more power in the hands of creatives. Learn more about how we can help teams get effective designs out the door faster by requesting a demo today. 

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