SKU Rescue: Allergy Medicine

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As part of our OTC Content Effectiveness Rankings report, we analyzed image trends and best practices of allergy medicine listings on Amazon. Based on the results, we decided to provide creative updates to a low-scoring carousel image on the Zyrtec 24 Hour Allergy Relief Dissolving Tablets using Vizit’s predictive analytics and image insights. 

Image Analysis

Our initial analysis of Zyrtec’s carousel image shows the image does not perform well with online OTC shoppers, receiving a very low Vizit Score of 7.7. Attention visualization maps show that audience attention directly goes to the Zyrtec bottle. However, when examining visual appeal and detractor maps, it becomes apparent that while the presence of the medicine bottle captures attention, its current position in the image detracts from the overall visual appeal. Instead, the placement of the model's hand holding the pill seems to be driving greater engagement.

Benchmark Analysis

When examining the benchmark for informational and lifestyle visuals in these categories, notable trends emerged. Lifestyle images portraying models received positive responses from online OTC buyers. Furthermore, vibrant and colorful palettes were prevalent among top-performing carousel imagery, effectively grabbing viewers' attention and boosting engagement. Additionally, strategic text placement at both the top and bottom of images played a crucial role in attracting and engaging audiences, as demonstrated by Vizit attention maps showing high levels of appeal with this content.

Armed with these insights, we started editing Zyrtec’s carousel image. 

Zoomed In Versus Zoomed Out

Our initial focus was on refining the composition of the image, examining how its scale affects visual appeal for online OTC shoppers. Through our testing, it became evident that opting for a zoomed-out image proved to be the most effective approach.

Text Placement 

Our attention next turned to enhancing the image with text, drawing on insights from our benchmark analysis to boost the Vizit Score. We used copy from the Amazon PDP and experimented with placement at the top and bottom of the image. Ultimately, positioning the text at the bottom of the image proved most impactful, elevating the Vizit Score to 74.7.

Before and After 

How did our SKU Rescue turn out? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the Vizit Score from 4.9 to 77.8. That’s a 72.9 point improvement with only minor image modifications. 

Vizit’s Visual Content Performance platform puts more power in the hands of creatives. Learn more about how we can help teams get effective designs out the door faster by requesting a demo today. 

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