Laundry Detergent PDP Spotlight: Mrs. Meyer’s

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Vizit recently took a deep dive into laundry detergent’s presence on Amazon. The Brand Attention Index provided an in-depth analysis of visual performance, and we took a closer look at one brand’s high-scoring product detail page (PDP).

Here’s how Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day laundry detergent outperformed the competition on Amazon’s digital shelf. 

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 83.0
  • Average Carousel Score: 68.9
  • Overall Score: 76.0
  • Total Images: 6

Hero Image 

Mrs. Meyer’s came in strong with a high hero image score of 83.0. The brand used a popular trend— a clean image of a single bottle—to initially attract customers. 

The packaging also works in the brand’s favor. A see-through bottle that shows that detergent inside and a green label are both common trends among the most appealing images in the laundry detergent category, according to Vizit’s analysis. 

Carousel Images 

Mrs. Meyer’s stays on top of the category trends in its image carousel. For example, this section features imagery conveying the scent of the detergent and pictures of the product in use in a laundry room. Both of these are impactful—and high scoring—strategies used by brands in the laundry detergent space. 

A key point to notice is the use of text in the images, as copy-heavy visuals from Mrs. Meyer’s tended to score lower. One image in particular is significantly Optimizing visuals by cutting down on words and showing the message instead of telling would benefit the brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Mrs. Meyer’s achieved successful scores for both the hero and carousel images by keeping it simple. Imagery is focused on the product, its benefits, and its place in the home.  The brand could improve by including less text and incorporating more real-life backgrounds into the carousel, and doing so would make its PDP more engaging and more likely to convert shoppers. 

Want to see more brands that are winning on the digital shelf? Check out Vizit’s Brand Attention Index to see the top performers and trends across categories. 

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