Air Fryers: Visual Trends for the Hottest Kitchen Appliance

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Air fryers have taken the culinary world by storm, revolutionizing how we cook and enjoy our favorite foods. With their ability to create crispy, delicious dishes using minimal oil, air fryers have become a must-have kitchen appliance. Their popularity is only growing: In 2022, U.S. consumers spent $958 million on air fryers, an increase of 51.3% from 2019.

But what sets apart the top air fryer listings on Amazon? Let’s dive into the world of air fryers and uncover the hero and carousel imagery trends that have propelled products on the Amazon marketplace.

Top product hero image trends

Hero images play a pivotal role in capturing the attention of potential buyers. 95% of purchasing decisions are based on visual content alone, meaning hero images can make or break a sale. 

In the consumer electronics category, three hero imagery trends consistently emerge among the top listings on Amazon. 

Images positioning the air fryer at a 45-degree angle to the right

Some of the highest scoring images across the category feature the air fryer at a 45-degree angle to the right. These images were often pictured on a plain white background. 

Black air fryers

While air fryers generally come in various colors, black products dominated the highest scoring listings. Introducing color to otherwise strikingly similar hero images resulted in significantly lower scores.

Air fryers with visible food inside

Hero images of open air fryers with visible crispy food inside scored higher than most other hero images. Chefman is one brand that uses this imagery type in its product listings.

Top product carousel image trends

Carousel images on ecommerce sites aim to further visually captivate potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. But what kind of visuals are the most effective in achieving this goal?

Using the Vizit platform, we determined three carousel imagery trends popular among Amazon's top air fryer listings.

Air-fried food

Images showcasing the crispy food the air-fryer produces score highest with consumers. Ninja uses this strategy in many of their high-scoring carousel images.

Showing off product features

Imagery conveying the various features of the air fryers also scored high with consumers. Brands like Nuwave and Fabuletta spotlighted the user-friendly design of the appliance. Others, such as Cosori and Hamilton Beach, highlighted the size of their air fryers and the amount of food that can fit inside. 

Copy touting health benefits 

Several high-scoring carousel images emphasize the health benefits of air fryers versus deep fryers. Carousel images with bold text indicating the small percentage of fat used by air fryers scored high with the U.S. Gen Pop audience lens. 

What's next for air fryer brands? 

As the dominance of air fryers grows, ecommerce professionals are presented with a golden opportunity to tap into a rapidly expanding market. But without knowing which visual trends are capturing attention or what brands visually dominate the market, trying to optimize imagery is a futile effort. Employing AI makes a difference, and can significantly increase conversions and sales.

Vizit's Brand Attention Index helps make sense of the changes in visual preferences of consumers by monitoring image trends across categories. Subscribe to the Index today to stay up to date on the brands and design elements swaying shoppers on the digital shelf.

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