SKU Rescue: Power Drilling Tools

Vizit Team
Content Optimization
5 mins

As part of our Power Tools Content Effectiveness Rankings report, we analyzed image trends and best practices of power drill listings on Amazon. Based on the results, we decided to provide creative updates to a low-scoring carousel image on the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit using Vizit’s predictive analytics and image insights. 

Image Analysis

Our initial analysis of the CRAFTSMAN carousel image shows it is underperforming among online appliance shoppers, with a low Vizit Score of 39.9. Attention visualization maps reveal that viewers focus mainly on the model and the power tool. However, further analysis using visual appeal and detractor maps indicates that although the model attracts attention, its position in the image reduces its overall visual appeal. In contrast, the background and the power tool are more appealing to the target audience. 

Benchmark Analysis

Our Power Tools Content Effectiveness Rankings report identified two main trends in lifestyle carousel visuals for this category. First, close-up images of hands holding power tools, particularly with the hand entering from the right side, were very effective with our target audience. Second, visuals featuring outdoor or workshop backgrounds also performed well.

Equipped with these insights, we began making edits to the image. 

Image Angle & Crop

Our initial focus was on refining the image composition to better align with benchmark practices. We started by adjusting the crop to zoom in and center solely on the hand grabbing the power tool. We then modified the image's angle, rotating it to introduce the hand from the right side of the frame. 

We also simplified the background, providing a clean canvas to further enhance the backdrop of the image, which became our next focal point.


For the image background, we applied insights from our benchmark analysis and experimented with various backdrops using generative AI, focusing on outdoor and shed environments to determine which resonated most with online appliance shoppers.

The winning background depicted a shed setting, complete with multiple pieces of wood in a workshop environment.

Before and After 

How did our SKU Rescue turn out? After rerunning the image analysis, we found our changes raised the Vizit Score from 39.9 to 61.2. That’s a 21.3 point improvement with only minor image modifications. 

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